Month: August 2018

Disappearing local storage account

Because I like to have my development environment up to date, I recently installed the newest update to Azure Storage Explorer, which is marked with version 1.4.0. Some time later I opened it because I wanted to check some Table Storage entities stored locally and this is what I noticed: For some reason, I lost access Read More

Bad Request when inserting data to Azure Table Storage

Recently I faced a bit irritating problem when working with Azure Table Storage – I could not insert an entity because of the following error: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request. Yes, this is incredibly helpful message I got there. Let’s assume we have following entity schema: So far so good – it Read More

Analyzing Table Storage bindings locally in Azure Functions

In one of my current projects I heavily rely on Table Storage bindings used in many of my functions. In fact I have several dozen API functions, which are the base of the whole system. Because codebase grows each day, I needed a tool, which will allow me easily validate whether I query Table Storage correctly – that means Read More