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Changing the type of a column in Azure Table Storage

Azure Table Storage is a simple storage solution, which gives you the possibility to leverage NoSQL capabilities combined with low cost and easy configuration. It is very liberal when it comes to schema restrictions(in fact, it allows you to store different schemas inside a single table) and aims at storing unstructured and often raw data, Read More

Disappearing local storage account

Because I like to have my development environment up to date, I recently installed the newest update to Azure Storage Explorer, which is marked with version 1.4.0. Some time later I opened it because I wanted to check some Table Storage entities stored locally and this is what I noticed: For some reason, I lost access Read More

Bad Request when inserting data to Azure Table Storage

Recently I faced a bit irritating problem when working with Azure Table Storage – I could not insert an entity because of the following error: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request. Yes, this is incredibly helpful message I got there. Let’s assume we have following entity schema: So far so good – it Read More

Analyzing Table Storage bindings locally in Azure Functions

In one of my current projects I heavily rely on Table Storage bindings used in many of my functions. In fact I have several dozen API functions, which are the base of the whole system. Because codebase grows each day, I needed a tool, which will allow me easily validate whether I query Table Storage correctly – that means Read More